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We are specialized in making your dream tattoo design come to life.


With our 4 fantastic team members with over 10 years of experience in the tattoo business we will deliver your perfect tattoo idea and make a 100% hand drawn design of it.

Submit Your Tattoo Idea

Got a fantastic tattoo idea?

You can submit your idea by us and we'll take care of the rest.

Unlimited Revisions

Don't worry if our first design does not suit you. We offer unlimited revisions untill you're satisfied.

We'll Start Drawing

When you submit your tattoo idea we will start as soon as possible on the project and inform you accordingly.

Download Your Design

After the tattoo design is finished we will send it via your email with the accompanying files.


The Thunder Tat Team specializes in being flexible with all sort of tattoo styles while combining usability for the preferred body part you would like to tattoo.


For all tattoo styles

With the range of 4 tattoo artists that are part of the Thunder Tat Team we can offer you all sorts of tattoo styles; traditional, japanese, tribal and much more!


For the preferred body part

We design our tattoo's in a way that it is also practical for your tattoo artist to place the tattoo on your body.


Example: you want to order a sleeve design we make a sleeve design.

24/7 Support

For questions

Have questions beforehand?

No worries, our customer support will always reply to your questions within 1-3 working days.

Fast Delivery

For ultimate quality

Depending on the package you order, we always have rapid delivery times for perfect customer satisfaction.


While designing the tattoo we also deliver a real life preview on how the tattoo will look on your preferred body part.


The meaning behind ''ThunderTat'' is that we deliver our tattoo designs lightning fast and with a big bang! Combining quality with fast delivery times and ultimate customer satisfaction is our top priority.

  • Submitting Designs

    After payment you will receive a tattoo information form to describe your design.

  • Customer Support

    If you have some questions about a particular subject you can always contact the ThunderTat Support.

  • Delivery Terms

    We will send the tattoo design via email with all the image formats (.png, .jpg and the source file).

  • Our Revision Policy

    If you request a revision, please submit it within 3 days after your last tattoo design delivery.

  • Tattoo Privacy Policy

    We will ask for permission to publish your tattoo design for social media purposes (Facebook, Instagram etc).

  • Worldwide Service

    We create designs for tattoo enthiousiast all over the world,

    everyone can submit a request.

We Care About The Details

You call it, we create it. You can describe everything you want to see in your design and we'll do our maximum best to satisfy your needs.

  • Creating big or small tattoos

    Do you prefer a big or small tattoo design?

    No problem, with us you can decide exactly how large you want your tattoo to be.

  • All placements are possible

    Want a tattoo designed exactly for your upper arm, upper back or lower arm? We are specialized to create the design anywhere on your body.

  • Modifying existing designs

    You already have a premade tattoo design and you want to change it? You can submit your tattoo design and tell us how you want to adjust it and we'll take care of the rest.


Take a look around our beautiful work we have already made for some of our clients.

Japanese Tattoo Style


This is the winning team! We have been working together since 2015 and still going strong making the perfect tattoos every day. Each member has its own specialization so that we can deliver every tattoo design as how you like.

Ethan Gray

Traditional Tattoo Artist

Hi, my name is Ethan. I specialize in traditional tattoos and make sure the customer is satisfied with the design.

Olive Peterson

Grayscale Tattoo Artist

Hello! I am Olive and I create every tattoo regarding grayscale elements like: tribal, minimalistic etc.

Justin Torres

Color Tattoo Artist

My name is Justin. I do everything regarding color in the ThunderTat Team. Personally is my favorite style watercoloring.

Matthew Foster

Japanese Tattoo Artist

Nice to meet you, my name is Matthew. I design everything that has to do with Japanese tattoos. I love the eastern culture.


The ThunderTat Team makes sure that the customer won't leave without the ultimate satisfaction with their design. That is why we love a happy customer once their request are fullfilled, we love your support!

Excellent work by the ThunderTat team... very professional! Approved the design on the first go itself. Very happy with the entire process. Would recommend and come back in the future. Thanks!

Mae F.

Excellent service. I love that ThunderTat delivered so fast! I did need a tattoo design quickly and couldn't find an artist that would meet my requirements in a short amount of time. Thanks a million!

Calvin M.

Wow, I love the patience and work of Olive! While she worked on my tribal tattoo and it needed some revisions she changed it without hesitation. I also love the quality you get for the price. Just perfect.

Brendan S.

Where should I start... Matthew is so talented, just wow. He did create an amazing Japanese tattoo design exactly the way I wanted. Also the support is so friendly and their delivery is amazing! Thank you.

Jessie C.


We offer 3 different price plans. The difference between the packages is how fast you want your design and the amount of revisions. The freedom of choosing the type of tattoo design is included in all 3 plans.


Get your design without unlimited revisions.



50% OFF

  • 2 Revisions
  • 3 Days Delivery Time


Most chosen plan. Receive your design with unlimited revisions.



50% OFF

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 2 Days Delivery Time


For those who want their design lightning fast. Just 1 day delivery.



50% OFF

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1 Day Delivery Time


Money Back Guarantee

Have you submitted an order but suddenly you changed your mind?

Don't worry, here with ThunderTat we offer a 24 hours Money Back Guarantee after you submitted your order.

Note: You can only ask for a refund within 24 hours after you submitted your tattoo information form.


Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive the most of the time with our answers.

Can I submit my tattoo idea with every plan?

Does the size of the tattoo affect the pricing?

Why only 24 hours money back guarantee?

How is such fast delivery possible?

Does ThunderTat also have a tattoo shop?

Are my transactions secure?

Why should I use ThunderTat?

Which plan should I choose?

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